Relationship Coaching

Bringing heads and hearts together

We are unique in what we want and need out of those we love. This makes relationships complicated and hard to fix, especially when other issues are involved.

Whether it’s a new romance or lifelong family tension, Many Rivers Whole Health can help you find the skills you need to ensure your relationships are safe and fulfilling for you and everybody else. This can be done both individually or as couples or families.

Here at Many Rivers Whole Health we believe this is achieved through connecting, communicating, and collaborating.


If you are struggling to communicate, we will support you in feeling safe and secure connecting with those that are important to you again. We will support you in embracing your vulnerabilities, but also in identifying your strengths and to be your own advocate in relationships.


Once you feel securely connected, we will guide you through a series of heart-opening conversations that will heal past hurts, resolve differences, and get you aligned in the relationship.


We will teach how to collaborate as equals in the relationship. To be true partners and learn to support each other even when you do not agree.


Relationship coaching is a thoughtful experience. Being coached strengthens your connection foundation, because you learn to accept yourself and the other person at the same time. Relationship coaching is a hope-centered program. It is great for individuals and couples or families who have a strong wish to make things work.

Your therapist will get to know you, will listen to what you have to say, will accept you just the way you are, and will care about your relationship as much as you will. Your coach will help you find where your communication may be stuck, where you may be going in different directions, and show you ways to restore the harmony.

Individual, Family, and Group Therapy

Provided to those clients who do not require the intensity of therapeutic treatment provided by the above services. Therapy is provided to clients experiencing a wide variety of problems utilizing many treatment techniques, such as medication, various forms of psychotherapy, behavioral modification, and biofeedback.

Specialized children’s services within a school setting are also provided.

In-Home Family Services

A program to provide intensive services to a family that is in danger of having a child removed from the home by the Department of Family Services or Youth Court. The goal is to partner with the family and the agency to stabilize the family and begin to address the changes within the home that allow each member to thrive and remain together.


Domestic Violence Intervention

Our Batterer Intervention Program is based on the Duluth Model “Creating a Process of Change for Men Who Batter.” This is educational and cognitive approach is designed to assist in changing beliefs that men who batter have about intimate relationships. It is constructed in a manner that challenges participants to think critically and reflectively about their lives, the partner(s) they have assaulted, and the impact of battering on their children.

Groups consist of eight themes:

  • Non-Violence
  • Non-Threatening Behavior
  • Respect
  • Trust & Support
  • Honesty & Accountability
  • Sexual Respect
  • Partnership
  • Negotiation & Fairness

You deserve to be healthy and have happy connections to the people around you. That’s exactly what we can help you build.

No matter what brings you to our services, our counselors and experts are ready to help you listen and learn.

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No one will be denied access to services due to inability to pay. Please see our Charity Care Policy as well as our sliding fee schedule.